Sometimes you're just not in the mood

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Sometimes you're just not in the mood.

It's okay. I understand.

Sometimes you're just not in the mood to deal with anyone, especially your co-workers. You want to tell them that, but you know...P.C. AND you also want to keep your job, because you need to eat--and take care of you binge watching habit.

There's something that can help. Why don't you try the Mood Stickers? These are stickers that you can place on anything (on the back of a mug, on your laptop, etc.) to vent and let out what you have been thinking but can not say. Of course depending on how bold you are you might let people see it or not. Otherwise place them somewhere only you can see and when you feel the mood, just look at it, take a deep breath, smile and continue on. It's a small way to express yourself and have a little fun. Check them out now!


-Shop Smart Girl

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