SOLVED! The answer to the chatty co-worker problem

 You have a major report due in 2 hours.

Suddenly, your co-worker comes to your desk and decides to start telling you about their vacation! This is not the time is an understatement.

You don’t want to be rude, but you need them to know that you’re busy and in your zone.


The “Very Busy” or “In My Zone” sticker is exactly what you need for a time like this.

Place it on a mug, piece of paper, or anything visible and jokingly point to it with a smile. It can help diffuse the awkwardness of telling them directly that you’re busy.

Bonus points – you don’t have to say a word. The sticker says it for you. Get the stickers today!


“Very Busy” mood sticker

“In My Zone” mood sticker


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